High School Musical 2 CD Game Review

I had the opportunity to play the High School Musical 2 CD game. The game comes in a cool zippered case and includes the gameboard, CD, pawn, die, cast cards, 9 to 5 cards and sumer job cards. The object of the game is to collect one of each of the 6 cast cards and get to the stage first. To collect the cards you have to answer trivia questions, sing and dance. This game is for 3-6 players.

If you are a girl aged 6-12 who is a High School Musica 2l fan, this game is for you. I can easily see this being the hit of a birthday party or sleepover.  The trivia questions are fairly easy. The host on the CD asks you to sing or dance in cifferent ways. One singing example is “Listen to this song clip and then sing it back like you are the worst singer in the talent show.” For the dancing one example is “Dance to this song clip like Sharpay would dance.” They aren’t looking for specific dance moves just “in the style of…” The other players are the judges who decide if you completed the task or not.

This game is available in stores everywhere and retails for $9.99. It is a good value and worth the money for the fun and laughs you will have while playing it.