High School Musical 3: Senior Year Mistakes

With all of the movies released in the theatres in 2008, High School Musical 3: Senior Year ranks 5th overall in continuity and factual mistakes. HSM 3 has been tagged by MovieMistakes.com as having 41 errors. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ranked first with 64 errors and was followed by Mamma Mia! with 44, The Dark Knight with 43,  and Twilight and HSM3 with 41.

I have always found continuity errors interesting. Considering all the takes that are needed to shoot any given scene it is difficult to match with 100% accuracy the placement of props, people, and animals. You would think though with the huge budgets of most major motion pictures, more of an effort would be made to reduce these errors.

I am not going to list all 41 mistakes but I am going to list some of the most interesting ones.

First a factual error:

  • When Troy calls to Gabriela from the rooftop, the clock on the school’s facade reads about 7:45, but the sun is almost directly overhead. There’s no way it’s early morning

    Now, some errors that show cast and crew mistakes:

    • When the class president pushes the sliding chalkboard over, it appears that someone off screen is pulling on the other end.
    • Kelsi’s necklace is backwards in one scene. This reveals the tape used to try to keep it in place.
    • Troy dances through the corridors at night.  When he jumps against the wall, you can see other dark footprints from previous takes.

    Continuity Errors:

    • When Troy is focused on the game his hair is wet with sweat, later in the locker room during half time-his hair is dry
    •  When Kelsi and Ryan sing “Last Chance” the sheet music movies.  In the shots of Ryan the pages overlap, but in the shots of Kelsi there are spaces between the sheets.
    • When Gabriella joins Troy on the roof, she places her bag on the step before she picks up Troy’s tux.  The position of her bag changes throughout the scene.
    • In the yearbook room, Troy is wearing Converse sneakers. In the next scene, at lunch, he is wearing Vans.
    • Troy gets green paint on his hands, then climbs over a white fence without getting green paint on the fence.

    Boxers, Boxers, Boxers

    • At Riley’s Garage, when Troy and Chad are looking for the radiator cap, Troy’s boxers are light gray, but in the next shot when he lifts the truck hood, his boxers are black.
    • When Troy is at East High at his locker, changing into his Wildcat jersey, he is wearing dark boxers. When he starts singing “Scream” his boxers are light blue.
    • When Troy is with Gabriella in her room, his boxers are white. When he is walking down the road after his truck didn’t start, his boxers are dark.

    Next time you watch HSM3 see if you can spot these and all of the other mistakes.

    source: moviemistakes.com