Zac on Nickelodeon TV Italy

This is “A day in the Life of Zac Efron” on Nickelodeon Italy. I apologize because most of the interview is in Italian with no English translations. But at least it’s worth it to see those girls screaming for him!

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Zac Efron Promoting Hairspray in Japan

zac efron japan


















Zac Efron promotes Hairspray with co-star Nikki Blonksy and director Adam Shankman in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday.

Recently, Adam Shankman told and interviewer that Zac, probably should back away from musicals for a while now. The best thing he could do is more drama or a comedy and cultivate a male audience. It’s always tough when your audience is so heavily skewed in one direction.”

I’d have to agree. I think after High School Musical 3, he should try something different and then, if he wants to, go back to what he was doing. Pretty soon people will be sick of all the musicals this guy is pumping out. He just needs to give it a rest.

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High School Musical 3 – Filming Begins!!

hsm 3










Hooray! According to OK! Magazine, filming forHigh School Musical 3 starts in January. IMDB says that two possible titles for the movie areHigh School Musical 3: Gradu-Dancin and Haunted High School Musical. Yikes! I don’t know how much I like those titles.

The script is getting written — it starts in January, and it’s a feature film,” HSM’s Jason (Ryne Sanborn, 18) said at the world premiere of High School Musical: The Ice Tour in NYC on Sept. 29. “[But] I haven’t gotten a call saying, We want you to do it.’”

Olesya Rulin, 21, aka piano player Kelsi, added, “It if happens, I’ll be ecstatic to be in the third one.”

Life and Style says that Zac Efron has been offered $3.25 million dollars and Vanessa Hudgens‘s been offered only 1.3 million. Ouch! A little stingy isn’t it?


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Vanessa Hudgens Can Bowl – Sort Of

















The Best Buddies and Lucky Strike Lanes charity fundraiser were lucky to have Vanessa Hudgens at Lucky Strike Lanes on Monday night in Hollywood for a charity event. Vanessa‘s sister, Stella also helped the charity by knocking down some bowling pins.

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Vanessa Hudgens Wants Peace!



















Vanessa Hudgens, along with her sister Stella, and mommy Gina Guangco, grabbed lunch at Patys Diner in Toluca, California on Monday. Vanessa sported a cute red t-shirt saying “Peace Now”.

I’ll be putting up a video of this, so stay tuned!




















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Ashley and Jared Jet out of Town

jashley airport


















Ashley Tisdale and new boy toy, Jared Murillo flew a first-class flight on United Airlines from LAX on Thursday night.

Ashley Tisdale has been working on a comedy called Picture This! While Jared has been making music with his new boy band, The Factory. People have been calling Tisdale and Murillo, “Tizzillo“. Isn’t that cute? I love it!

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Zanessa at Gas Station

gas station22



















Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were all smiles on Saturday as they took a stop at a gas station in Burbank, California. Zac pumped gas into is new Audie A6 sporting a red trucker hat, a white T-shirt, and what looks like brown corduroys. But ummm… what’s with Zac‘s pink and purple shoes? Sort of feminine isn’t it?

Anyways, they weren’t the only celebrities there. Coincidently, actor Peter Greene, who was recently caught stealing a license plate from a friend’s car and also for the possession of cocaine, introduced himself to Zanessa. There is only one picture of him with Zanessa but to make up for it there are 18 pictures of Zanessa included.

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Zac Visits Barry Bonds











Before the start of the Dodgers/Giants baseball game, Zac Efron payed a visit to one of his Idols, Barry Bonds. Zac took pictures with Barry and then joined a female friend, who is not Vanessa Hudgens, and went to find a seat in the crowed. Zac also joined up with former Nsync star Joey Fatone, now the host of the “Singing Bee“.

For all those who wanted to know the score of the game, the LA Dodgers beat the San Fran Giants 8-3.

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His Neighbors Aren’t Happy

neighbors unhappy

Apparently, Zac Efron‘s neighbors are upset with him because the paparazzi have been staking out his apartment building.

My question is, what is he supposed to do about it? Don’t get mad at Zac for it; yell at the paps. I mean, it’s the paparazzi. Of course they’re going to be doing those kinds of things. Move on.


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