Vanessa Hudgens Takes Sister to Grab a Movie



















Vanessa Hudgens has been seen with her sister a lot lately. Just yesterday night she went to a local Hollywood Video with her sister, Stella. The pictures here are of Vanessa and Stella at a Ralphs Supermarket in North Hollywood.

Note: Sadly, Vanessa Hudgens will not be appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno tonight. Too bad. I was looking forward to it.


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Zac Efron at a Press Conference in Madrid

zac press conference






















Zac Efron attended a recent press conference in Madrid, Spain wearing a navy blue top and capris. Looked at bit too casual for a press conference, n’est-ce pas?

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What? More Info on The Nude Hudgens…


It’s not enough that Vanessa Hudgens has a bunch of nude pics flying around, but now there is supposed to be a sex tape controversy?


Here is an article written by

The rumors say the Hudgens sex video is coyly entitled “Open Me First,” and was made “as a gag Christmas gift.” Vanessa is reportedly standing in front of a Christmas tree, wearing a Santa hat, Christmas gift tags about the size of silver dollars for pasties, and a red, mistletoe-decorated thong. Ho ho ho?

Websites are citing THEM Weekly as the source of this rumor and well, THEM produces fake news. It’s a “satirical website that presents news of fresh folly and disaster daily.” Not a real news source!


Thank the Lord for that!

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Vanessa Goes to the Gym With Lil’ Sis

vanessa takes sis to the gym




















On Wednesday afternoon, Vanessa Hudgens took her sister Stella and a friend with her to a gym in North Hollywood. Baby V doesn’t look too happy about having her picture taken. But, I can’t blame her. The paparazzi are ruthless!

Vanessa sported a Kuuipo “LOVEship” ring that her and Zac Efron wear on their right hand.

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Vanessa and Her Girlfriends

vanessa hudgens girlfriends-4













Well, there are more gossip-worthy pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, but this time she’s taken them with her lady friends. I don’t think these are such a big deal, but a lot of people are offended or shocked about them. What do you guys think?

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Zac Efron at the Hairspray Premiere in Spain

zac-efron in spain 6




















Yesterday was the premiere of Hairspray in Spain and Zac Efron and co-star Nikki Blonsky made an appearance Madrid. Zac and Nikki seem really close. I don’t think I’ve seen him with anyone from Hairspray except Nikki.

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Zac and Nikki are Best Friends

zac and nikki friends

Zac Efron described his and Nikki Blonsky’s friendship in a recent interview with an Australian cinema site called YourMovies.

Zac said,

‘Well, there’s no one better to work with. We honestly became best friends. It’s cool that there’s all these great older actors, but it’s not like were gonna go, “Let’s go hang out with Chris Walken, let’s go to the mall”. [All laugh] You don’t do that. Also, her family was so nice to me, they were like my other parents.’

Nikki added, “[We’re] just one big happy Hairspray family.”

Aww. That’s cute! Let’s just hope Zac‘s girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, isn’t the jealous type.



Vanessa Hudgens Offered $500,000

vanessa hudgens offer 500 grand

According to, Joe Francis, the man behind the “Girls Gone Wild” videos, says he wants Vanessa Hudgens to “join the GGW brand and lifestyle.” He just offered Vanessa $500,000.

Francis,from his temporary home in a Nevada prison, said “Vanessa Hudgens is the classic girl next door gone wild. Being sexual is not a crime.”

This is what he had to say on the recent nude photo scandal that Vanessa has had to deal with:

“She took a picture,” he says, “it was leaked, and now it is time to move forward with her career.”

I think Joe Francis is disgusting. He exploits women by getting them to flash him their “lady parts”. If I were Vanessa I would be extremely angry at even having him consider me for the job. If you can even call it that.


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Vanessa is Camera Shy – Thank god!

vanessa, mom, and sister

vanessa, mom, and sister 2











Thankfully, Vanessa Hudgens was fully clothed and shy to the camera. Vanessa took her sister Stella and her mom, Gina to the movies on Monday night.

I also wanted to let you know that Vanessa will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Thursday. I am totally tuning in!




Vanessa, Ashley, and Monique on Rachael Ray

ladies on Rachael Ray

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Monique Coleman were on Rachael Ray yesterday. The ladies of the cast of High School Musical 1 and 2 shared what they eat on a regular basis. I wonder if Rachael asked Vanessa about her recent scandal on the show? Nah, she has too much of a heart.

To see the video of the High School Musical girls sharing their food preferences click here.



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