More Questions Answered by Zac Efron

Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky

PopEntertainment, recently interviewed Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky, Zac’s Hairspray co-star.

Here it is:


What was your high school experience like? Was it comfortable because high school can be really weird?

Zac Efron: Mine was relatively average, because I was a good student. I tried to get really good grades, and I did. I left my high school my junior year, with like a 4.3. I was a great student. I was so focused on academics that I really didn’t have time to worry about the pressures of high school. It really was not a tough time for me.

Where did you study dance?

Nikki Blonsky: Nowhere. I learned I was not a dancer before Hairspray. So all the dancing you see in the movie, I just shook what my mama gave me.
Zac Efron: My mama didn’t give me anything, so I just shook what I had.

Zac, I’m interviewing Vanessa [Anne Hudgens] next week. What do you find interesting about her as an actress and person?

Zac Efron: I love watching High School Musical 1. I didn’t go to see the live show of High School Musical, but I watched the concert DVD. The first time I saw the movie; it jumped out to me how much Vanessa could really light up the screen. She is a brilliant performer. She’s such a kind, caring individual and that just really shows through the character she plays, like Tracy. I like working with girls with charisma and I think Vanessa really has that. Vanessa is incredible, she really stands above the rest of the competition and I admire her for that.


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Q and A with Zac Efron

thumbs up at High School Musical 2 conference

Recently, UK’s Metro asked our favorite hotty, Zac Efron, a few questions about his life:

Is it true that one in three American teenage girls owns a poster of you? I’ve read that statistic but I don’t believe it. It’s flattering but surreal.

How long does it take you to do your hair in the morning? Thirty seconds — it just falls that way. If I’ve got an event, a lady will put cream in it but other than that it just lays there.

Gossip bloggers have been speculating about your sexuality. How do you deal with that? Again, I simply ignore it. I’m just going to continue being myself. I’m not going to let every blogger’s opinions get to me.

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The High School Musical 2 Cast at the London Premiere


cast at premiere












They all looked hot at the High School Musical 2 premiere in London. I am loving how the whole cast of HSM went for the classy look. Although I’m not feeling Olesya‘s outfit as much as the others.

More pics after the jump!


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Zanessa Can’t Remember Their First Kiss

zac efron and vanessa hudgensWell, its a shame that in the middle of their budding romance, Zac and Vanessa can’t seem to remember their first kiss.

Zac says, “I truly didn’t realize that there was not a kiss. It never stuck out to me.”

According to Vanessa, there was a kiss but it was on the cheek. She says, “that’s as far as we got.”

Well, was there a real kiss or not??

The director and choreographer, Kenny Ortega, says that there was definitely a kiss.

“You guys, your memories are failing you,” he said at a recent press conference.

“I went to their parents and asked for permission,” Ortega says. “I went to Vanessa’s mom first, and then to Zac’s mom second and said, ‘Do you mind if I request a kiss in the event that we want to use it for the end of the film?’ And we did it. Then, we all sort of decided that this wasn’t about that.”

“You seemed to enjoy it though,” Ortega said to Efron.

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UK Goes Crazy for the High School Musical Gang

vid of HMV sighting


The UK crowd went wild with excitement at the sight of our favorite highschoolers at an HMV store in London, England. Man these guys are really loved. All their doing is signing CDs and DVDs, and they get mobbed by their fans!

To see the video, click on the photo, or you can click here.


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Zanessa at HMV Oxford St.

zanessa at hmv












Zanessa appeared at HMV Oxford St., a music store in London, with fellow cast members Lucas Grabeel, Monique Coleman, and Olesya Rulin where they signed CDs and DVDs for their fans.

More pics of the High School Musical gang after the jump!


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Zanessa Promotes New Movie in the UK

Both Vanessa and Zac have been making appearances in the UK to promote High School Musical 2. Recently, Vanessa Hudgens appeared on ITV1’s This Morning. Here’s a video of her appearances on the show.

She looks really good. I’m loving the shirt!

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Nickelodeon Australia Welcomes Zac Efron


As we all know, Zac Efron has made quite a name for himself here in North America. Apparently, Australia loves him too. Nickelodeon Australia has asked Zac to host the 2007 Australian Kids Choice Awards which is set for October 10th. His co-hosts will be the Veronicas, a popular punk pop group.

Good to know he is loved across the world!

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Hot Zac and Vanessa Hawaii Pics

Here are some great pics of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens on the beach in Hawaii. It’s so crazy that these guys are dating in real life but they make a cute couple, don’t they?

vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Hawaii

vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Hawaii 2

More pics after the jump!

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