High School Musical Giveaways and Contests

Lately I have been very blessed to win 5 online giveaways and have 2 wishes granted. I want you to feel that awesome feeling of winning too.  I have scoured the internet and I have compiled a list of the top 3 High School Musical related contests and giveaways for you to enter. Please have fun enter the contests and let me know if you win anything. Please copy and paste these links to your browser to visit the sites.

Prize: High School Musical DVD Game ends 12/30/08

One grand prize winner will receive a new Vera Bradley bag for herself and 10 friends, tickets for her and 10 friends to see High School Musical 3 in theaters and High School Musical 1 & 2 on DVD. (Value: $1300.00) ends 1/4/09 ages 13-24

(2) Grand Prize Winners will receive: High School Musical 3: Senior Year Wildcats Uniform, including a fully-lined mesh hoodie, short-sleeved polo, and mesh skort. Ends 12/19/08

Happy Birthday Vanessa Hudgens

Yes, Vanessa Hudgens turns the big 2-0 this coming Sunday.  Vanessa was born December 14th, 1988. You can send her a card at:

Disney Studios
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521
ATTN: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa began acting in local musical theatre productions at the young age of 8.  She got her first commercial because a friend of hers couldn’t make it to an audition and asked Vanessa to go in her place. Lucky for her!Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa made her first 2 movies in 2003.  They were Thirteen and Thunderbirds. In 2006 she starred in High School Musical and appeared in the television shows The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as well as Drake and Josh. She also released her first solo album in September of ’06 simply titled V. In 2007 she starred in High School Musical 2. In 2008 she released her second solo album, Identified and ventured back to the big screen with her high school friends in High School Musical 3. Vanessa has also finished filming the movie Bandslam which is slated for release in the summer of 2009.

Vanessa has received three Kids Choice Awards.  In 2006 she, along with co-star and boyfriend Zac Efron, received the Choice TV Chemistry Award. In 2007 she received the Choice Music Breakout Artist-Female award and in 2008 she received the Choice Hottie award.

Warning High School Musical Viruses

If you use peer-to-peer services to download videos and music be very careful.  Several P2P download sites, including eMule and eDonkey, have been hit with viruses and malware attached to High School Musical songs and videos according to Panda Security. CNET suggests checking the file before downloading.  Most of the infected files have .exe but most clean music and video files do not.

Bart Johnson

Next week we celebrate two more High School Musical cast member birthdays. First, December 13th is Bart Johnson’s 38th birthday.  Bart who plays Coach Jack Bolton in all 3 High School Musical movies. He is also slated to reprieve the role in the rumored High School Musical 4.  Bart grew up hanging out on the sets of 70’s television shows; his mother was hairstylist for Mork & Mindy, The Brady Bunch and others. He decided he wanted to be an actor after performing in his high school production of West Side Story. Bart enjoys freestyle skiing , surfing, mountain biking, football, soccer, basketball, kickboxing, and flying airplanes-he got his pilot’s license in 1999.

Bart and his wife, Robin Lively own the beautiful Johnson Mill Bed & Breakfast in Midway, Utah. Johnson Mill has been called one of the most romantic B&Bs in the country. You can visit their website at http://johnsonmill.com.

Johnson has appeared in many television series and movies including the movies Thunder Alley, Daddy Day Camp and tv shows Saved by the Bell:The New Class, Babylon 5, and Hyperion Bay.  This week you can see Bart on the Disney Channel Saturday, December 6th at 6:00pm in High School Musical andat 8:00pm in High School Musical 2. Bart also has two movies in post production and is currently filming Locker 13.

Happy Birthday Bart Johnson!

Back to the Beginning

HSM coverThis Saturday Disney Channel is taking us back to where it all started, “High School Musical”. Saturday, December 6th at 6pm ET, Disney Channel will be airing “High School Musical- What’s What Edition”. From the previews on the Disney Channel it looks like this will be a remix of the pop-up trivia edition they showed a while back. I love pop-up trivia, as long as it is in a movie I know well-otherwise it can be annoying. I feel more connected to the movie when I know some of the behind-the-scenes information. So Saturday at 6 we go back to East High and relive the beginning of the love story of Troy and Gabriella.

Then when the show is over the next installment begins.  “High School Musical 2-What’s What Edition” airs on the Disney Channel at 8pm ET.  More Troy, Chad, Sharpey and Taylor.  Two more hours of singing, dancing, young love and those who try to thwart young love.  What a great way to spend a cold December Saturday night. Mark your calendar or set your DVR, I know what I’ll be watching Saturday night how about you?

Robert Curtis Brown aka Mr Evans

I thought we would check out some of the other actors and actresses that, though they play smaller roles, are no less important the the 6 leading characters.  Today’s choice is Robert Curtis Brown.  He is the actor that plays Mr Evans, Sharpay and Ryan’s father, in both High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3. Rober Curtis Brown There isn’t a lot of personal information to be found about Mr Brown, except that hew was born in April 1957 and he has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Theatre Studies from Yale University and a Masters Degree from the Yale School of Drama…pretty impressive credentials.

Robert has been acting for a long time and has done everything from tv commercials (currently appearing in an ad for Nexium), to stage, television shows, and big screen movies. He has appeared in dramas, comedies, musicals and even a soap opera.  His movie credits include parts in  “Trading Places”, “Dream Girls”, “Spiderman 3”, and “Bruce Almighty”.  He is currently filming “Men Who Stare at Goats” due out in 2010, in which he plays Major General Brown.

Robert’s television credits include a 2 year stint on the soap opera “Search for Tomorrow” as Alex Kendall.  He has also appeared in “Matlock”, “Empty Nest”,”LA Law”, “The West Wing” and “Zenon: the Zequel”.

Over the next few weeks you can see Robert Curtis Brown on television several times:

  • “Zenon: the Zequel”  as Mark Kar on Disney Channel- Tues 12/2  8pm, Wed 12/3 midnight, Sun 12/7  noon
  •  “Trading Places” as Todd on MOMAXe-Thurs 12/4   5pm, Sat 12/13  1:30pm
  • “Bruce Almighty” as Phil Sidleman on Sci Fi- Thurs 12/4  9pm, Fri 12/5  6:00pm
  • “Christmas Every Day” as Uncle David Jackson on ABC Family- Sat 12/6  7:30pm
  • “Bean” as Dr Frowning on Cartoon Network-Sun 12/7  7:00pm
  • “West Wing” as the Congressional Committee Chairman on Bravo- Thurs 12/11  8am
  • “Guess Who” as Dante on TBS-Sat 12/13  9:10am, Sun 12/14 12am
  • “High School Musical 2 on Disney Channe-Sat 12/6 8pm

Take some time to check out Robert Curtis Brown in some of his other roles.  Let me know which ones you watched and what you thought of his performances.

Corbin Bleu

Corbin BleuRecently High School Musical star, Corbin Bleu, launched a new fan site. The site, www.corbinbleu.com, is one of the best official fan sites I have ever seen. It is personal and yet chock full of information about Corbin, his life and career. When you first enter the site you are first greeted by a photo montage of Corbin pics accompanied by the song “Push It to the Limit” from the Disney Channel hit “Jump In”. After the intro plays you land on the “All about Corbin” page and are greeted by an audio message from Corbin that even gives you a phone number to call and leave him a message.

Next is the sign-up screen.  Here you can sign up to receive info about Corbin from ifanz. The next tab is The Scoop which is recent news and pics of Corbin.  The day I visited the site is had pictures of Corbin at the American Music Awards on November 23, 2008, a video of his Guitar Hero commercial, and even a video of him calling fans back who left him a message on the phone numbers listed on his site. Next is The Music tab.  This page has the interactive ifanz music player.  This isn’t our typical website player that allows you to listen to a few clips of songs by the artist.  The ifanz player lets you listen to the entire song, click on the lyrics page to see the song lyrics or click on the get it link to get the code to put the song on your web page or blog.

The next tab is The Media whic includes Corbin’s youtube videos, appearance videos, music videos and 4 different photo galleries. The Store is the next tab and as you would assume this is where you can buy all the great Corbin Bleu merchandise. The Future tab brings up Corbin’s upcoming tour and appearance information. The Love tab brings you to the links for the three children’s charities that Corbin is involved with. Take Part gives both US and international phone numbers to leave a message for Corbin…he may even call you back! The Journal is Corbin’s personal blog, very interesting. The last tab is Social Networks and links you to Corbin’s myspace, youtube, facebook and music videos.

Take some time and check out www.corbinbleu.com then come back here and let me know what your favorite part of the site is.

Results of Our Oscar Song Poll

Well, the results are in and receiving double the votes of any other song……. drum roll please…….The winner of our High School Musical 3/Content Quake Oscar-worthy song poll is….ScreamI Want it All and A Night to Remember were tied for 2nd place and Can I Have This Dance came in last place with zero votes.

Of course, we will have to wait and see which songs are actually nominated and then see who wins the category when the Oscars are given out on February 22, 2009.

Black Friday Specials

More Black Friday Specials for the High School Musical Fan in your life.  Today we will be covering items for kids ages 8 and up.  There are several toys that I listed in yesterday’s post that would also be appropriate for someone in this age group so make sure you check out yesterday’s post too.


JC Penney      Entire stock of HSM apparel 60% off
Wal-mart       Girl’s 2-piece Pajamas sizes 4-12 $4.00

ToysRUs         HSM Alarm Clock with iPod dock is $20 off!  Black Friday price is $39.99
ToysRUs         HSM Plug ‘n Play Video Game $19.99
Target            HSM Nintendo DS kit $28
Staples          HSM 2  1gig mp3 player $29.95

Th  Ultimate High School Musical ClubGames                                                                                                                                                                                          

ToysRUs       HSM Dance Mat $19.99

K-Mart         HSM Board Games 25% off

K-Mart         HSM Dance Mat $19.99

KB Toys        HSM3 CD Board Game 2-Pack $19.98

KB Toys        HSM Got the Moves Dance Mat $24.99

Beall’s             HSM Board Game $9.99


K-Mart         HSM Stationary/Journal Kit $7.99

Happy Shopping

Shopping for High School Musical Gifts Ages 5-8

One of my most favorite days of the year is coming this Friday.  It is Black Friday.  For me this is a special day because it is the day my dad and I go shopping at 4:00am and have a lot of fun together. So in the spirit of Black Friday I wanted to share with you the High School Musical items I have found in the Black Friday ads.

Today I will be covering items appropriate for children ages 5-8.  Later this week I list the items for ages 8 and up.


JC Penney      Entire stock of HSM apparel 60% off
Wal-mart       Girl’s 2-piece Pajamas sizes 4-12 $4.00
photo by hsmfans123.blogspot.com
ToysRUs         HSM2 Figure 3 pack $15.99

ToysRUs         HSM3 Fashion Movie Doll $19.99

ToysRUs         HSM3 Fashion Prom Doll $19.99

Wal-mart       HSM 3 Dolls $5.00

Target            HSM3 Ready 4 Prom Dolls 4 pack $29.99

KB Toys         HSM3 Sing Together Dolls $17.99


Wal-mart     20″ girls HSM bike $69.00

ToysRUs      20″ girls Huffy HSM bike $79.99

Toys & Games                                                                                                                                                                                          

ToysRUs     Super Activity set $14.99                                                                                                                                                       ToysRUs     HSM3 Light-up Tracing Lap Desk $14.99


ToysRUs     HSM Recliner Chair $24.99
Menards      HSM  Slumber Tote $14.99    

Happy Shopping