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17 Again Go or No

Zac Efron’s movie 17 Again hit theatres yesterday. While I am sure tons of young High School Musical fans want to see this movie so that they can swoon over Zac, this movie isn’t appropriate for all ages. To start with, it is rated PG-13. I usually disgree with movie ratings and often feel PG-13 movies should be R and PG movies should be at least PG-13. So, on that basis alone my 13 yr old would not be allowed to see 17 Again.

Why was it rated PG-13? There is an underlying theme of pre-marital sex and teen pregnancy as well as teen partying and beer. It is also rated PG-13 for language.  Even with these hints we don’t know for sure what this movie is actually like. My suggestion would be, especially for kids 13 and under, either the parents see it first and then let the kids see it at a later date or just wait until it comes out on DVD and then you can preview it at home before the kids see it.

Zac’s 17 Again Promo Tour and More

With 17 Again hitting US theaters in just 11 days, Zac Efron is starting his  promotional tour here in the states. We have a partial list of upcoming television appearances.

  • Saturday April 11-Hosting Saturday Night Live
  • Monday April 13- The Today Show
  • Monday April 13- The View
  • Monday April 13- David Letterman Show
  • Tuesday April 14- L.A. Premiere of 17 Again
  • Wednesday April 15-Ellen Degeneres Show
  • Thursday April 16-Jimmy Kimmel Live

You can also find Zac on HBO this week. They are airing Hairspray.

17 Again London Premeire

Zac Efron was looking great as always as he walked the red carpet at Odeon West End in London for today’s 17 Again premiere. It seems Zac was dateless again. Even co-stars Matthew Perry and Leslie Mann didn’t make it to London for the premiere. All of the stars are expected to attend the US premiere in Hollywood at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on April 14th, three days before it arrives in US theatres. Those that have already seen the movie as it has opened in Australia and France have given it high ratings and reviews. It will be interesting to see how this romantic comedy fairs here in the US. Are you looking forward to seeing 17 Again? Let me know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment for me.

Zac and Taylor Down Under

Zac Efrom was in Austrailia for the premeire of his new movie 17 Again. Girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens didn’t make the trip with him. Lucky for Zac, singing sensation Taylor Swift was in town to perform a concert the next night. Taylor accompanied Zac on the red carpet to the delight of screaming fans. 17 Again opens in Australia on April 9, United Kingdom on April 10 and in the US and Canada on April 17th. Photobucket

Zac Efron’s New Movie Poster

On April 17, 2009 Zac Efron’s new movie 17 Again will open in theatres around the country. In this movie, which is rated PG-13, Zac plays the lead character Mike O’Donnell at age 17. The premise of the movie is a 37 year old Mike O’Donnell, played by Matthew Perry, is living a life that didn’t turn out the way he had planned. He wished he could go back to high school and do it all over again. The next day he wakes up and he is 17 again.

Today the movie poster was released and I want to know what you think about it. Leave me a comment here telling me your opinion of the poster.