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Chris Warren Jr’s New Movie

Chris Warren Jr (Zeke from the High School Musical movies) will be playing the character of Xander in “Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Squeakquel”. We don’t know much about his character yet. The movie has just started filming. It seems Jason Lee will play a much smaller role as Dave Seville in this movie. The new lead is Zachary Levi (TVs Chuck). Zach will be playing Dave’s cousin, Toby. The Squeakquel also reintroduces the Chipettes, the love interests yet rival singing group of the chipmunks. Rumors have the Chipettes being played by Drew Barrymore, Miley Cyrus and a yet to be rumored actress/singer. For those of you wondering…yes, Jesse McCartney is returning to play Theodore. The movie is set to release on Christmas Day 2009.

Happy Birthday Chris Warren Jr

Today is Chris Warren Jr’s 19th birthday. Chris has played Zeke Baylor, the baking basketball player in all 3 High School Musical movies. Chris was born in Indianapolis, IN but moved to LA when he was 6. Chris is the son of television and movie actor Chris Warren and soap opera actress Brook Kerr.Chris Warren Jr

Chris has been acting since age 6 and has performed in television and films including Becker, Love & Basketball, Zoey 101 and Unfabulous. Chris played Jimmy Ramirez in 20 episodes  of the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Chris even landed the highly coveted role of Young Simba in the Broadway production of The Lion King!

Chris has a cool personal website that includes photos, videos, a fan forum and a fan club. You can even e-mail Chris at . Happy Birthday Chris!