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No Tiara in HSM 4

Last month we reported that Matt Prokop will not be reprising his role as Jimmy “the Rocket” Zara in the 4th installment of the High School Musical franchise. Now thw Associated Press is reporting that Jemma McKenzie Brown’s character Tiara Gold will also be missing from the cast.

She said: “I think it’s been decided they’re going for a whole new route with it which is a shame but I had a really good time doing the third one.” Jemma has gone back to auditioning and says she has had some cool opportunities come up so far.

Good luck Jemma! It seems odd that so far 2 of the 3 characters that were brought in to HSM 3 to continue the saga are now not returning for 4. I wonder if Justin Martin is next. What do you think about this latest development?

No Matt Prokop in HSM 4!

Many High School Musical fans expected that Matt Prokop’s character Jimmy “the Rocket” Zara  was the heir apparent to take over the lead role in the next High School Musical. According to reports from Just Jared and The Hollywood Gossip that is not the case. Disney seems to have decided to take High School Musical 4 in a different direction and Prokop isn’t on that school bus. We’ll just have to wait and see if HSM 4 can live up to its predecessors or if Disney should have stopped while it was ahead. I think this could get interesting.

High School Musical 4

Disney has finally quelled the rumors and published a press release acknowledging that High School Musical 4 will begin production later this year with the premiere on The Disney Channel set for 2010. Installment number four in the franchise will be written by Peter Barsocchini, who wrote the first three movies. Also returning are executive producers Bill Borden and Barry Rosenbush. The name left off this list is that of Kenny Ortega’s. There is no mention of Ortega in the press release and he is currently in pre-production for next year’s much anticipated Footloose.

High School Musical 4 will feature an all new cast. The plot will focus around the East High Wildcats and their crosstown rivals the West High Knights, as well as a classic love triangle.