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Show Your East High Spirit!

Ok Wildcats, Time to show your East High spirit!

Disney Shopping has a cool new customization tool! It is called “Print Shop”. You can choose what graphic you want to put on a denim jacket, jeans, hoodies or varsity jackets. There are several graphics to choose from including two different High School Musical pictures. You can get a personalized children’s denim jacket for under $30.00!

Disney Shopping has a new skin tool called Skinit You can create Disney skins for your cell phone, laptop, PDA, handheld gaming device. The prices are reasonable-for my cell phone the skin would cost $14.95. There are lots of different High School Musical graphics to choose from.

Disney Shopping is also running a pre-order special for the High School Musical 3:Senior Year DVD. You can save $10 when you pre-order your High School Musical DVD or Blue-Ray with any High School Musical 3:Senior Year video game or the premiere edition of the CD. Check out the offer on their website.