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Free High School Musical 3 Digital Scrapbook

Do you have lots of pictures of your friends on your digital camera or cell phone? Download them all to your computer and then go to Register for your free account (you can also get to scrapblog from PhotoBucket if you already have a PhotoBucket account). You do not have to be a scrapbooker or even crafty to make awesome scrapblogs on this site. There are tons of themes you can choose from. There are 3 different High School Musical 3 Themes; Yearbook- a great place to share lots of pictures of all your friends, Fan-put pictures of you in with the High School Musical stars and have a one-of-a-kind keepsake, Doodle-great for friend pictures and prom pictures. Pick the theme of your choice and get started. Each theme comes with 3-4 pre-designed pages but you can duplicate the pages and create your own pages. This is so much fun to do, especially on a cold winter evening. Once you complete your scrapblog you can e-mail it to all your friends and share the fun with them! When you make your scrapbook post a link to in here in the comments so we can all check out your photos.
Click the Link to Yearbook sample.